WebPT Company

WebPT is an ideal software solution for optimal patient care. It is also called the rehab therapy industry for achieving greatness in practice.
WebPT gives rehab therapy business from single clinics to multi therapist enterprises.
They are specialized in Physical Therapy and Paediatric Therapy.
It is a multi-product clinics for outpatient, and serves their patients physical, occupational, and speech therapy.
Price is affordable, starting at $59 per month for its provider, you can store unlimited patients records and documentation notes for free of cost.
This software solution is founded in 2006 in Phoenix, after a long journey it ranked 231 position Inc.
Nancy Ham is the CEO of WebPT and was acquired by Warburg Pincus on Aug 27, 2019.
Its great features make it famous around the country among the 500 List of fastest growing company.


i) WebPT was designed for PTs, so can count on every facet being optimized for outpatient therapy. 
ii) It also offer physical therapy specialties, like wellness care, paediatrics, neuro, vestibular, and pelvic health.
iii) WebPT partners with many vendors to give their Members access to everything they need to achieve greatness in practice. The partners are Epic, Meditech, Care cloud, Advanced MD etc.
iv) If you create any document in WebPT system they marked it with a physical therapy label and also with clinic’s name and logo, so the source and content of your emailed documents are immediately clear to the recipients. Even you can send the documents directly from the WebPT system.

How to Sign Up to WebPT

i) Go to this link for the first time Log in / Registration-https://accounts.healthmonix.com/identity/custom/login?id=6705d305cf62d2ba5e2f4
ii) Click on the Create an account option
iii) It will take you directly account creation page where you have enter
iv) Your Email address, Your First Name, Last Name and Password
v) Then enter the Create account tab
vi) You have successfully created your account, now you can access it.

How to Login to WebPT

i) Go to auth.webpt.com from your Web Browser
ii) Enter Your User Name then
iii) Enter your Password and
iv) Click on the Login to WebPT Tab

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