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Roger Stone Biography

Roger Stone is an American Political adviser and a Lobbyist born on August 27, 1952 (age 68) in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. Stone worked for Republican politicians since 1970s campaigning for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. Apart from a political consultant Roger was also a Lobbyist. In 1980, Roger along with with Paul Manafort and Charles R. Black Jr Co-founded a Washington, D.C.–based lobbying firm. In 1984, it was renamed Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly recruiting Peter G. Kelly. BMSK became the top most lobbying firm during the 80s due to connection with the Whitehouse which attracted high-paying clients, including U.S. corporations as well as foreign clients.

Roger Stone Career

Roger started his political carrer with 1972 Nixon campaign, campaign for Richard Nixon the 37th U.S President.Where he used to contribute money in the name of the Young Socialist Alliance to the possible rival of Nixon later slipping the receipt to the Manchester Union-Leader. Richard Nixon served as the 36th vice president of the United States. Roger hired a spy in the Hubert Humphrey campaign, 38th vice president of the United States, who became the Humphrey’s driver. After Richard Nixon winning the 1972 presidential election, Roger went on to work for the administration in the Office of Economic Opportunity. Later Roger started to work for American politician and attorney Bob Dole after Resignation of Richard Nixon. Later Roger was fired by columnist Jack Anderson calling him dirty trickster publicly. Later Roger worked in a campaign for the 40th president of the United States. Roger also won the presidency of the Young Republicans for a campaign which he managed with his friend Paul Manafort. Roger is often described as a “seasoned practitioner of hard-edged politics”, a “mendacious windbag”, a “veteran Republican strategist”, and a political fixer. Roger was a good friend of Donald Trump but he officially left Trump campaign on August 8 2015. Roger was arrested for connection with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation and witness tempering at his Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which he later discarded. In November 2019, he was sentenced to 40 months of imprisonment by a a jury which convicted him on all seven felony counts.

Roger Stone Early Life and Education

Roger was born to mother Gloria Rose and father Roger J. Stone in Norwalk, Connecticut on August 27, 1952. Rogers father was a well-driller and a chief of the Vista volunteer Fire Department. Where his mother was the president of Meadow Pond Elementary School PTA and a local reporter. Roger Stine did his schooling from John Jay High school and further studied from George Washington University.

Roger Stone Personal Life

Roger Stone married twice once in 1974 with Ann Elizabeth Wesche Stone and with Nydia Stone in 1992. Nydia Stone was diagnosed with cancer. Roger revealed it was Stage IV lymphoma.

Roger Stone Net Worth

It is estimated that Roger has a net worth of $20 Million. Roger has been a political Advisor and a Lobbyist. Roger has been involved in political campaigns since last 40 years. His lobbying firm became the top most lobbying firm during the 80s.

Questions and Answers related to Roger Stone.

Question 1 How old is Roger Stone?
Roger Stone is 68 years old as on July 2021.

Question 2 Is Roger Stone married?

Question 3 What is the Zodiac sign of Roger Stone ?
Zodiac sign of Roger Stone is Virgo.

Question 4 What is the nationality of Roger Stone?
Roger Stone is an American.

Question 5 Who is the father of Roger Stone ?
His father’s name is Roger J. Stone

Question 6 Who is the mother of Roger Stone ?
His mother’s name is Gloria Rose.

Question 7 What is the birth place of Roger Stone ?
Birth place of Roger Stone is Norwalk, Connecticut, United States.

Question 8 What is the Net Worth of Roger Stone ?
It is estimated that is Net Worth is $20 million.

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