No Game No Life Season 2 updates.

Are you also an anime fan? And craze about every new story that came out.

So for all the gamer lovers and anime ones too “NO GAME, NO LIFE” became a new love when it comes back in 2014 but it’s love to know that fan following of this amine are not decreasing over time. And it is amazing to realize that people love old amines too and they wait for season 2.

The first season has 12 episodes that take you on an amazing journey in the virtual gaming world.

So here are apparently chances for No Game No Life Season 2 to likely come over in 2022. But there are chances too that it didn’t come out.

“No Game No Life” is a Japanese novel that is written by Y Kamiya. It’s a light novel series that shows the story of Game World.

The main plot of No Game No Life;

The story revolves around two wonderful gamers Sora and shiro. Who created a gaming group known as “BLANK” that is unbeatable by anyone. They are pro at gaming but in the real world, they find games are played in very illogical ways with unnecessary rules. So they started into the fantasy world, and unlike anyone else they also found interest in those games, so they started to play more and more.

Sora and Shiro both are amazing players and they also complement each other. They both understand each other ways. Shiro knows how to tackle games and choose the excellent strategy among the best ones. Sora had amazing power to deal with people and know what kind of strategy they will figure out, and this amazing teaming of mindsets between these two, make this team the best. Sora knows other game strategies and shiro knows what strategy he will use against them.

One day they were invited to play the game by the god of the game from another reality, Tet. They win the chess game and the lord invites both of them to live in their place.

Dashboard board world is all about gaming and its rules are also follow through games, there is no robbery and conflict, all things just resolve by gaming. There is also a rule to cheat to any extent till they are not caught.

Knowing about Elkia’s decline, the two participate in a tournament to infer the next ruler; after earning the crown, they earn the freedom to challenge the Disboards other species as humanity’s representative LN 1.4

Their next goal is to overcome all sixteen species to challenge Tet to a game; as of the sixth volume, five of the sixteen are under their control.

The season amazingly shows the real tension between shiro and sora for winning the game with their genius techniques.

No game no life, choose more often bright colours for their cinematography to look more reliable a virtual world and feels more interesting to viewers.

The season ends with a cliffhanger so it excites the viewer more, but some get disappointed with this too.

At the end of the episode, Sora confronts the Shine Priestess. Since she’s a Shine Priestess, she can call one of the Old Deus. Sora asks her to do so. She uses some sort of spell and summons one of the Old Deus. Then the episode ends.

Some get confused and some started to read the manga to know more or some just wait for season 2.

Season 2 updates;

Season 1 create a huge fan base, so fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 but there is no confirm information about the release of season 2. But some rumours arise that season 2 might come in 2022. Let’s see what is true.

There are many reasons that why season 2 is not going to come because it is a light book and anime was just made to confront the main book with people.

And many authors claim that it was plagiarism work and it copied from their original work. So how can next season be out if this is the reason?

The caste remains the same if season 2 come along as per the latest information but we don’t if some changes are made for voice artists.

Let’s expect that our favourite artists give us some good news soonly.

Season 1 release seven years back then, and this time too many fans waiting for season 2. So might we get something great soon because sometimes it’s just about selling the thing. And many ones eagerly waiting for season 2 so we expect it to become a huge hit and create an amazing milestone.

But if no 2 seasons will come over, you will start reading the novel, because amines don’t cover the whole story there are many interesting things is going to come in the novel.


Let’s wish for the best. Because who doesn’t want to live with our favourite amines again and again. And gaming is always been a favourite choice for many of us.

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