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Marc Rebillet Biography

Marc rebillet is an american electronic musician, and a Youtuber. He was born in December 15, 1988 in Dallas, Texas, US. Marc creates music in his apartment where he uses loop station, keyboard, vocals and percussion instruments. Marc distributes his music thought his YouTube channel and and Twitch live stream. Marc has released three studio albums and two extended play records. Marc said that his musical career was inspired by Reggie Watts, Nina Simone, Madlib, and James Blake, and he wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t exist. Rebillet has reached 1.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he post videos and live streams, and 11.8 million online streams of his music.

Marc Rebillet Career

Marc rebillet started his music career in 2016, posting video on YouTube and by doing live streams of his own created music in his apartment, and hotel rooms. He used to do live streams for more than 5 hours, where he used to fullfill his fans request. Marc’s fan used his phone number posted by Marc on social media or his live stream to comment down their request. Most of his videos posted on Facebook and Reddit went viral generating a fan base for him. In 2017, he started doing live shows in his native place, Dallas. Later he moved to New York to persue his musica career. Rebillet performance on love shows was very interactive and energetic, with unique and improvised music in every live shows. In 2019, Rebillet started doing tour of America and Europe, with great response from the audience, he started getting revenue from ticket sales. His tour of Australia and New Zealand was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic and postponed for early 2021. Marc released “Essential Workers Anthem”, and album related to Covid-19 for thanks giving to the essential workers During this pandemic. Rebillet was also seen in a in a television commercial for German supermarket chain ‘Edeka’ in June 2021.

Marc Rebillet Childhood and Education

Marc’s father was born to Gilbert Rebillet and Susan Rebillet, his was a french while his mother is from South Carolina. Marc studied classical music from ‘Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts’ in Dallas till age 15, alongside started playing piano from age four. Marc also attended acting classes for one year from Southern Methodist University. Later he stated to work for other sectors for a long ten years alongwith music unsuccessfully under the name “Leae”.

Marc Rebillet Relationship

There is no information regarding his love life. It seems that Marc does not want to public his personal life. According to sources, he is single now and not dating anyone right now. , he had a girlfriend with whom he used to perform shows in Inwood Theatre. He was seen posting picture on his Instagram having a good time with two girls with caption : “Thanks for making my life exciting”. There is no information about whom the girl was either. It seems that he is enjoying a single life right now with fully being focused in his music carrer.

Marc Rebillet Net Worth

It is estimated that Marc has a net worth of $150,000. His primary Income comes from YouTube channel videos and Streams. He does tours to America, Europe etc, now all his tours are cancelled for the pandemic. Marc earns a quite good amount form his YouTube channel as all his videos gets an average of million views.

Questions and Answers related to Marc Rebillet

Question 1 How old is Marc Rebillet ?
Marc Rebillet  is 32 years old as on July 2021.

Question 2 Is Marc Rebillet married?

Question 3 What is the Zodiac sign of Marc Rebillet ?
Zodiac sign of Marc Rebillet is Sagittarius.

Question 4 What is the nationality of Marc Rebillet ?
Marc Rebillet is an American.

Question 5 What is the net worth of Marc Rebeillet ?
Net worth of Marc Rebillet is $1.5K (Estimated)

Question 6 Who is the father of Marc Rebeillet ?
His father’s name is Gilbert Rebillet

Question 6 Who is the mother of Marc Rebillet ?
His mother’s name is Susan Rebillet.

Question 7 What is the birth place of Marc Rebillet ?
Birth place of Mark Rebillet is Dallas, Texas, United States.

Question 8 What is the Net Worth of Marc Rebillet ?
It is estimated that is Net Worth is $1.5K.

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