Jeffery Shaun King – Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend etc..

Name – Jeffery Shaun King
Profession – Writer, Civil Rights Activist
Date of Birth – September 17, 1979 (age 41)
Height – 5 feet 9 inches
Birth Place – Franklin County, Kentucky, United States

Jeffery King Biography

Jeffery Shaun King is an american Civil Rights activists, writer, and the co-founder of Real Justice PAC. Jeffery was born on September 17, 1979 (age 41) in Franklin County, Kentucky, United States. Jeffery King is a professional writer currently he is working at Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project for “The Intercept” and “The Appeal”. Previously he had wrote for The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Daily Kos, New York Daily News, and The Young Turks regarding police brutality towards dark people, racism and social justice. In 2018, he co-founded Real Justice PAC and launched The North Star website. Jeffery hosts two podcasts on the site ‘The Breakdown with Shaun King’ and ‘Married to the Movement’. Jeffery was also a part of the Democratic party till 2016. According to his date of birth, Jeffery’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius

Jeffery King Career

Jeffery started his career working as a teacher, teaching history and civics for a year in a high school at Atlanta. Later he started to working in Atlanta’s juvenile justice system. Jeffrey’s high school desire was to work as a pastor, as he has no father, and his friends father was a pastor who regularly used to visit him. His life was impacted by his visit, said he wants to become like him, as he found himself alone without a father. Eventually after leaving job of teacher he got to work as a pastor at Total Grace Christian Center in DeKalb County, Georgia. Jeffery founded a Church in Atlanta called “Courageous Church” in 2008, and started to recruit new members from facebook and hence became a facebook pastor. Jeffery resigned from Courageous Church in 2012 citing stress and disappointment. On March 2010, Jeffery raised $1.5 million through Twitter, and eBay establishing “” to help people affected by earthquake in Haiti. After helping the people of Earthquake affected people of Haiti Jeffrey was inspired to launched another charity auction named “TwitChange” on eBay, where celebrities were offered to retweet winning bidders’ tweets. The Twitchange campaign won the Mashable Award for “Most Creative Social Good Campaign in 2010. Jeffery along with his web designer friend, Chad Kellough founded a charity site named which helps a particular person by raising funds, which using voting particular person’s story, until goal is achieved. Jeffery did many fund raising charity in his career. Once he was accused of not helping particular needy after raising funds for the cause which lead to closing of the organization. Jeffery was also a part of the movement “BlackLivesMatter” and had written many articles seeking justice for the accused.

Jeffery King Personal Life

Jeffery King tied knot with Rai, they both served as the host of podcast ‘Married to the Movement’. Jeffery has 5 childrens from which three are biological with his wife and two are adopted.

Jeffery King Net Worth

It is estimated that Jeffery King has a Net Worth of $1.4 Million. Jeffery is a professional writer who worked a professional writer at Daily Kos, New York Daily News, and The Young Turks. He did many fund raiser during his entire carrer for different clauses.

Questions and Answers related to Jeffery King

Question 1 How old is Jeffery King ?
Jeffery King  is 41 years old as on July 2021.

Question 2 Is Jeffery King  married?

Question 3 What is the Zodiac sign of Jeffery King ?
Zodiac sign of Jeffery King is Sagittarius.

Question 4 What is the nationality of Jeffery King ?
Jeffery King is an American.

Question 5 Who is the father of Jeffery King  ?
Not known

Question 6 Who is the mother of Jeffery King ?
His mother’s name is Not known

Question 7 What is the birth place of Jeffery King  ?
Birth place of Jeffery King is Franklin, Kentucky, United States

Question 8 What is the Net Worth of Jeffery King ?
It is estimated that is Net Worth is $1.4 Million

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