Dog panting at night

Dogs panting is totally normal especially when it is hot outside as unlike us dogs do not sweat, so to get energy and to calm down they pant. But when your dog is panting in a very comfortable place where he is not feeling hot also then you should worry about him and seek a doctor’s help in this situation as soon as you can. To figure out whether your dog’s pants are a matter of concern or not, first, you must need to know the reason behind panting.
So keep reading as we’ve got everything about your dog panting at night in this article. Let’s start with:-

Why do dog pants at night?

You must have been thinking that every dog pants, there is nothing to worry about and it is even true, panting is just normal for dogs, but when a dog is excessively panting then there is something else that is keeping him completely restless and making him pant more than he should. To help you decide why your dog is panting, we’ve listed some common reasons for dog’s panting at night. These are:-

1. To cool down themselves:– Unlike us dogs sweat from paws only which is not sufficient enough to cool down and this is why they pant to relax and calm their body down. By taking heavy breaths they let the heat out from the mouth. If they don’t pant they continuously feel uncomfortable from the inside, so the hotter they feel the more they pant to cool down.

2. Due to pain :- Pain is the very common reason for dog’s panting when they feel intolerable pain due to some injury or cramp they start panting. It’s quite difficult to figure out when your dog is painting due to pain so in that case you need to notice your dog’s body language and facial expressions, it says a lot. Or you can take them for a check-up.

3. To show excitement :- Other than pain, your dog may also pant when he is happy and excited about something. A delightful dog show his feelings by panting with his tongue out and makes noisy sound when something happens that makes him happy like seeing you after a long time, going out to play or when they see their food.

4. Due to fear or stress :- Dogs are the most innocent creature on the earth, they don’t know how to convey what they feel from inside. Even when they are stressed or afraid of something like when they see a stranger or feel like someone is going to hurt them, it increases their heart beat and they start panting as it helps them fight their stress and make them feel relaxed.

5. Due to illness:– Illness is the other main cause of panting at night. If your dog is suffering from disease like heart problem, breathing problem, nausea and any other disease, there are higher chances of them panting especially at night due to discomfort. You can also notice changes in behaviour like avoiding food or something that usually makes your dog happy. If panting gets extreme, seek help from a doctor immediately.

How to differentiate between normal panting and abnormal panting:-

After exercising and doing any physical activity, panting is normal as it allows dogs to cool down their body and let all the heat out from the body. It makes them feel relaxed. Dogs don’t have sweat glands on the body except on paws so panting is the only way to get their body temperature back to normal. It is one of the important body functions of dogs to keep the body from getting overheated.
Panting due to excitement is also considered normal panting. It is just their way to respond to something that fills them with joy like you give your dog his favourite food or take them for a walk, they start breathing heavily and filled with energy. So there is nothing to worry about in this situation.
On the other side, panting is considered abnormal when the dog is neither overheated nor he is excited. If your dog’s breathing gets excessively heavy especially at night when he is comfortably sleeping and suddenly become restless, you should immediately talk to your veterinarian about it and get the required treatment.
Some serious causes of excessive panting like heart failure, breathing problems and dehydration can be even life-threatening to dogs. Observing your dog’s body language while panting is a great method to recognize abnormal panting instantly.
You must’ve heard this “prevention is always better than cure” and this is why we’ve listed 5 things that you should do or don’t do to avoid the abnormal panting situation. Here are the tips:-
Always keep your dog hydrated and ensure that the water he drinks is fresh and clean.
Go for regular check-ups.
Make sure your dog’s place is comfortable and do not get extremely warm.
Do not make him wander around under the sun.
Avoid overfeeding to stay fit as obese dogs face problems in breathing and develop heart diseases.

What to do when your dog is panting heavily at night:-

If you notice any sudden change in your dog’s breathing at night and it gets heavy then here are the few things that you should do in this type of emergency while waiting for doctor.

1. Check if there is any injury:- Check out his whole body to see if there is an injury that is causing uneasiness and heavy panting. If you find any external injury, apply cream or antibiotic on it quickly to ease the suffering.

2. Check body temperature:- If your dog is too hot, immediately check his body temperature and make him sit in a cool place where he can relax and calm down. Give light massage all over his body to relieve the pain.

3. Make him drink water:- If you think that your dog is feeling dehydrated then make him drink cold(not too cold) water. Try to make him comfortable and keep talking to him.

4. Try natural remedies to calm him down:- You can even try some natural remedies to ease your dog’s pain like Valerian herbs (a type of drug) to get his body relaxed and also try essence of Bach flower and essential oils (lavender, violet leaf and rose hydrosol) by blending them and spray it around your dog, it helps him overcome anxiety and stress.
Note:- All the mentioned remedies are for emergency to calm down your dog temporarily. Always seek doctor’s help in these situations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Is abnormal panting deadly?
Yes, it can be deadly in some situations like heart failure, lack of oxygen, heatstroke and asthma.

2. How to tell if the dog is panting abnormally?
When he suddenly starts breathing heavily while he is relaxing and seems just perfectly fit. You can also notice some changes in behaviour than normal panting. Abnormal panting is also louder than normal.

3. Is it possible to treat dog panting at home?
No, however, you can give temporary relief by using some home remedies but it is always advised to call your veterinarian for medical treatment before the condition gets even worse.

4. How do I prevent my dog from getting infected?
Make his living environment clean and do not allow him to play with street dogs. Also make sure that your dog doesn’t eat anything unhealthy.

5. Can I give human medicine to my dog in an emergency?
Yes, there are fewer medicines that dogs can take without any worries but some can be very fatal, so it is best to consult with a doctor before giving any medicine to your dog.

6. What is dog whining? Is it bad? If yes then what should I do?
Whining is one of their way to communicate, they make a vocal sound like crying to grab your attention. No, dog whining is not bad at all but if it gets extreme then you can consult with your family doctor.

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