Do Dogs get tired of Barking?

You must have heard dogs barking but have you ever wondered why dogs bark or do dogs get tired of barking? In this article, we are gonna answer all of your questions on dogs barking.
Knowing some amazing facts about dogs is gonna be fun. So, let’s just dive right in!!!

Why do dogs bark?

Dog’s barking is their way of communicating with everyone. But besides communication they also bark out of some other reasons. Sometimes they bark at strangers or when they are afraid or just naturally. You can never really guess what are they barking at. So, here we are gonna discuss some most genuine reasons why do dogs bark? These are:-

1. To alert you from some kind of threat:- Nobody can sense danger more quickly than dogs. Whenever they feel danger from any person or an intruder they bark loudly to alert their owner and this way they protect you and your family. Their bark gets louder when someone tries to come close to them and harm them.

2. Loneliness and boredom:- Dogs are one of the most extrovert animals. They don’t prefer to be alone at all which is why they bark to get your attention. They always want someone to be around them and to play with them. They seek their owner’s company all the time, so don’t leave them on their own as they get bored very quickly.
Fear and pain:- Injuries and fear are also the main reason behind dog’s barking. They might get involved in the fight with street dogs and get injured and is in pain. If your dog is barking at night, that is might be because of fear. Keep checking upon them to make sure they are feeling safe. You can also seek professional help if your dog barks a lot out of fear.

3. To protect themselves:- They growl and bark in defence of someone they think trying to hurt them. When they growl there might be chances of them biting that person. The defence bark of dogs is very sharp and high pitched as they try to call for help. This type of bark is full of frustration and fear.
Excitement:- When you are out of town for a while and when you came home your dog barks at you out of the excitement of seeing you. They also bark when they see their food coming. Dogs are also like humans, they show their joy by barking at something that makes them extremely happy. The excitement bark is also high pitched.

Do dogs get tired of Barking?

Here comes the question “do dogs get tired of barking?” again. Well, the answer is quite tricky, so let me explain it. We’ve read some of the main reasons why dogs bark and there are even more but if we look at the purpose of barking, that’s only to gain attention. They want someone to respond to them and do something about their problem.
When answering the above question then it is No!! Dogs never get tired of barking, they get more energetic but when you continuously ignore them and do not respond to them, they may stop barking for a while because they get mentally and physically tired and disappointed as well. But they never get tired of barking itself. Dogs keep barking until you do not address the reason behind their barking and solve the issue.
Barking is their only way to communicate with you just like us humans we never get tired of talking, we can keep talking for hours and hours because it doesn’t take so much physical activity and the case is same with them which is why dogs do not get tired of barking. They are just communicating and trying to express their emotions in a different way.
Never think of ignoring your dog when he is barking because the consequences can be really bad for you and your dog also. Give response to them by patting, scolding, cuddling and hugging as even a small response from you give them the sense of big achievement and they stopped barking. Praise him and make him feel that you are there for him.

Is excessive barking bad for dogs?

However, barking is a normal activity for dogs but excessive barking can cause serious throat problems to them.
Excessive bark cause larynx inflammation in dogs which is very painful and cannot be healed quickly. Barking all the time is not at all healthy for dogs, however, dogs do not realise that and they get used to barking most of the time. Excessive barking also effect their behaviour, they may start barking at every single thing they see.
When dogs bark, they release adrenaline due to which they feel more energetic and do not get tired of barking and want to bark continuously at everyone and develop health issues ultimately.
In order to stop your dog from excessive barking, here are a few tips that you should consider. These are:-
1. Seek professionals help:- Consider reaching out to doctors and professional dog trainers. Take help from them to train your dog and teach him how to behave in front of strangers.

2. Keep him busy:– Considering the age and breed of your dog, provide him with some toys and other playful things that help to keep him busy. This way your dog won’t feel lonely and bored also.
Make him do physical activities:- The more your dog is physically tired the less he will bark at unnecessarily. Take him out for long walks and make him play with the ball.

3. Cuddling with your dog:- Cuddling is the best therapy not only for humans but for dogs too. They love it when you show affection and spend time with them. They feel special and happy which decreases anxiety and frustration.
Socialization helps:- Dogs barking at strangers is the indication that he is not social enough to be comfortable around strangers. Leave him free for a while and let him do whatever.

Things you should never do if your dog barks a lot:-

We understand that excessive barking can be a headache for both owners and neighbours. In this situation you might want to scold or beat your dogs but trust me that’s only gonna make things worst. Here are a few things that you should never do to your dog when he is barking. Check them out:-

* Never raise your voice to make him silent. Speak calmly.

* Do not hit him as this will only make him more aggressive instead of quiet.

* Never leave him on the loose when he is barking.

* Do not leave him alone in this situation. Sit with him and try to calm him down with your love.

* Do not develop a habit of overeating because if he eats a lot he will try to grab anything he sees and if he fails he barks.

* Never compromise on his medical needs and always keep him in vaccinations.

Final Thoughts:-

So, keep all these things in mind and make sure that your dog never feels like he is lonely. Barking never makes a dog tired, so make the activities that do. And with extra care and affection, you can always keep your dog happy and healthy.

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