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Daniel John Bongion Biography

Daniel John Bongion, born in Queens, New York, United States on 4 december 1974. John is an Author, Conspiracy theorist, radio show host and an American far-right political commentator. Daniel’s mom remarried to a boxer who was abusive with Daniel and his younger brother Joe. When Daniel was 15 years old, he and his younger brother Joe left their mom’s house. They were helped by their biological father for their housing and schooling expenses. Daniel’s wife’s name is Paula. He proposed to Paula at the place where they met on their first date. Daniel and his wife Paula were met on a blind date which was arranged by their friends in “Sullivan” named restaurant. Daniel fell for Paula’s beauty. He wanted to become a politician, so he could fix the economy for his kids.

Daniel John Bongion Education

Daniel John Bongion went to Archbishop Molloy high school and completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in psychology from Queens college. He also completed his Master’s in Business administration from Pennsylvania state university.

Daniel John Bongion Professional Life

Daniel John Bongion’s professional life began when he started work for the New York City police department for around 4 years. After that, he joined the Secret Service as a special agent in 1999. In
2006 he was assigned to the presidential protection decision. Dan decided to run for U.S. Senate in 2011, but his run was unsuccessful for the U.S. Senate in Maryland. He lost with 26.6% in the general election. Then, Daniel decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland’s 6th congressional district against incumbent democrat John pelamey. But he lost from Delany just 2% points. Then in 2015 he moved to Florida and decided to run for Florida’s 18th congressional district in 2016. Where he lost to Francis Rooney.
Daniel also wrote several books to his name. “Life Inside the Bubble” is Daniel’s first book name, where he describes his career as a Secret Service agent. Where also discusses his experience in protecting presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. After that, he launched his second book named“The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine” in 2016. He also published a book called “Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump”. Where he decouse theory alleging spying on Donald Trump by Barack Obama’s administration.
As a radio show host, he appears as a guest host for both the Sean Hannity and Mark Levin radio show, as well as on their Fox News programs.
Personal life of Daniel John Bongion

Daniel John Bongion is married to Paula Andrea, who was born in Colombia. They have two daughters, and they currently live in Palm city, Florida.

Social Media Accounts

YouTube – he has a YouTube channel name Dan Bongion with over 800k, subscribers

Twitter @dbongino
On January 7,2021, Bongion’s Twitter account was temporarily shut down for violating Twitter eivic integrity policy.

Website – Bongion Report

Daniel John Bongion Net Worth

It is estimated that the Net Worth of Daniel John Bongion is $8million

Facts related to Daniel John Bongion

Who is Daniel John Bongion?
Daniel John Bongion is an Author, Conspiracy theorist, radio show host and an American far-right political commentator.

Is Daniel John Bongion married?
Yes, he is

What is Daniel John Bongion Net-worth?
Daniel John Bongion Net-worth is $8million

At what age, Dan John Bongion left his mom’s house?
At the age of 15 he left his mom’s house

What is the Dan John Bongion birthplace?
Queens, New York, United States.

What is the name of Daniel John Bongion’s younger brother?
Daniel John Bongion’s younger brother’s name is Joe.

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