Bunchie Young – Net Worth, Height Biography, Age, Girlfriend, etc…

Name – Bunchie Young
Profession – American Footballer
Date of Birth – 9 December, 2006
Height – 5 feet (2021)
Birth Place – Los Angeles, California.

Bunchie Young Biography

Bunchie Young is a 14 years old young American football player born on 9th December 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Bunchie is an amazing kid with great talent at a very young age. His skills are way beyond other players of his age. His speed on the field is amazing with and without the ball. Bunchie’s real name is Maxwell Young, he has won multiple gold medals playing football and has also named Sports Kid of the Year in 2017. He started playing football at a very early age of three. Observing his passion, dedication towards football his father joined him a football team to practice and play at the age three. In an interview Bunchie said that he wants to play for the American Football League (NFL) and wants to became a commentator and run a football team in the future. Bunchie Young’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Bunchie Young Career

Bunchie started playing football at a very early age. He discovered his talent by participating in various football groups, participating from his school. Bunchie also played for the Hub City Tar Heels Youth Football Association, Later he joined a football team by his father to practice harder and to burnish up his skills. He practiced and played for the team, and scored a good result for the team leading towards success because of his presence. He later joined a gym to build up his physical and mental ability and startes to under Mike Evans. Bunchie is very quick in the field, he’s fastest running record is 12.4 seconds in 100 metre. He also got the opportunity to get featured on the cover of “Sports Illustrated Kids” after he won the Sports Kid of the Year in 2017. At a very young bage he has also won many gold medals, which shows his ability and excellence in his game.

Bunchie Childhood and Education

Bunchie Young was born in 9 December 2006 in Los Angeles, California to Father Dave Young and mother Laura DeShazor-Dunn. Bunchie’s father and mother got seperated and doesn’t lives together but this seperation didn’t affected Bunchie because they both are always there for him. Bunchie lives with his father and his mother helps him to complete homework and always picks up from the school. They never gave him to felt that they are seperated with their love, affection and care. Bunchie is currently pursuing his study from KIPP Scholar Academy, a Los Angeles public charter school.

Bunchi Young Net worth

It is estimated that his Net worth is $ 1.5 million, which he has earned as a professional Football paler. At a very early age he has reached another level in his game with a lot of name and fame.

Facts related to Bunchie Young

Question 1 How old is Bunchie Young ?
Bunchie Young is around 14 years old as on July 2021.

Question 2 Is Bunchie Young married?
No, he is a 14 years old child.

Question 3 What is the Zodiac sign of Bunchie Young ?
Zodiac sign of Bunchie Young is Sagittarius.

Question 4 What is the nationality of Bunchie Young ?
Bunchie Young is an American.

Question 5 What is the net worth of Cepellin ?
Net worth of Bunchie Young is $1 million (Estimated)

Question 6 Who is the father of Bunchie Young ?
His father’s name is Dave Young

Question 6 Who is the mother of Bunchie Young ?
His mother’s name is Laura DeShazor-Dunn

Question 7 What is the birth place of Bunchie Young ?
Birth place of Bunchie Young is Los Angeles, California.

Question 8 What is the Net Worth of Bunchie Young ?
It is estimated that is Net Worth is $1 million.

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